Microsoft Office 2016/2019/2021 Professional (PC)

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Office 2021 includes feature-rich applications to help users create great content in less time.

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  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 presents you with a number of advanced tools, useful when you need to work on your texts, presentations, calculations and more, with the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel programs. Here you will find all the necessary software to complete all of your assignments and organize them in a way that will allow you to share your work without an unnecessary hassle. In case you will feel the need to protect your data from being lost in case of the physical drive malfunction, or simply want to share it through the internet, you will be able to save it to the cloud, where it can be safely stored, without the risk of being lost.

    Package of Office products

    The package offers you not only the core Office software, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, but also gives you two additional, business-oriented programs. In this suite you can find:

    • Word – one of the most versatile programs used in writing and editing text documents, as well as implementing graphical elements and tables and charts. With the advanced spell checking, formatting and reviewing options your documents will always be on the highest level.
    • Excel – calculating data and compiling it together in a presentable form becomes much easier with this program. Compile complex calculations and put them on charts to present your data.
    • PowerPoint – create presentations and increase their visual potential with ease by using advanced functions of this software.
    • OneNote – get organized with options to create notes, to-do lists, highlights and to apply video and audio recordings in this digital notebook. Create and share your schedules to coordinate your workplace.

    The features present in the Professional Plus 2021 editioninclude:

    • Outlook – make the most out of your time with an easy to manage e-mail software.
    • Publisher – this app allows you to prepare and publish materials from the level of your desktop. Here you will be able to focus and control the layout of your documents in order to prepare them for easy publication.
    • Access – make use of this advanced database management system and all the data it collects and stores for further use.
    • Skype for Business – a more advanced version of the popular video and voice chat app, now with features allowing you to create an unlimited number of meetings, automated cropping and more.

    Features and changes in the 2021 version

    While connected to the internet, you can save all your documents to the cloud right from the desktop for easy storage and a safe way to preserve your data in case of PC malfunctions. Additionally, the “Tell Me” feature with a quick search can help you in looking up functions of the software, your previous documents or those saved in your One Drive, as well as definitions of words with the use of a browser.

    Key features

    • Access advanced office programs to make your work easier.
    • Present your documents in the best way possible with publishing options.
    • Make use of features unavailable in the standard package like the Access or Outlook.
    • Create online video meetings with the more advanced Skype for Business.
    • Enjoy the online features such as cloud saving and the Tell Me bar.

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4 reviews for Microsoft Office 2016/2019/2021 Professional (PC)

  1. Kabir Jimoh

    Very easy and convenient to install

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    I got my key on email and easy to install and activated Office 2021

  3. Anil Pinto (verified owner)

    Highly recommendable !! Good Price and Original Key
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  4. Edewor Akpezi

    I’m so impressed, easy installation. prices very customer friendly, originality not in doubt Highly recommendable. I’m truly excited and satisfied.

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